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Website Examples

Nick Brandt

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Example Sites
Here are examples of a variety of websites built with our VisualServer™ Website Designer. There are eight templates from which a great variety of websites may be produced. Fonts and colors may be changed. Show a custom logo on every page. While some of our competitors give you fixed color combinations, we give you an unlimited color palette, enabling you to distinguish your website.
Template 3 - Nick Brandt
One of our most popular templates. Clean and elegant.

  Template 1 - Raymond Meeks
A light "airy" look, that is very distinctive.

Template 3 - Julie Blackmon
Similar to Template 1 without a frame.

  Template 8 - Alison Carey
The largest images and a thumbnail drawer.

Template 8 - Jo Whaley
Innovative design, hidden thumbnail drawer.

  Template 1 - William Scharf
Great use of dark, custom background color. Randomized home page images.

Template 1 - Ingrid Christensen
These watercolors stand out in Ingrid Christensen's effective website design.

  Template 5 - Laszlo Layton
Clean design, optional thumbnail grid.