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Urchin Stats Feature Set

Urchin is a high-performance web analytics system that features easy installation and configuration, highly accurate traffic analysis, and 100% browser-based administration and reporting.

Urchin is included at no extra charge with VisualServer Professional. It may be added to VisualServer Lite or Standard editions for $5 a monthly or $50 annually.

Here are some of its features:
    • Pie chart, bar, or line-graph options for most reports
    • Print-friendly report-viewing mode
    • Direct export toWord, Excel, and more
    • Fully customizable reports - compare anything to anything
    • Arbitrary Date Range analysis
    • Visitors & Sessions reports are not confined to monthly analysis
    • Most accurate Unique Visit or reporting


Here are some of the Reports you'll find in Urchin:
    • Sessions Graph
    • Pageviews Graph
    • Hits Graph
    • Bytes Graph
    • Summary
    • Load Balancing
        • Log Source by Hits
        • Log Source by Bytes

Visitors & Sessions
    • Visitors by Day
    • Sessions by Day
    • Unique Visitors
    • Unique Sessions
    • Visitor Loyalty
    • Session Frequency
    • Summary

Pages & Files
    • Requested Pages
    • Downloads
    • Page Query Terms
    • Posted Forms
    • Status and Errors
    • All Files
        • All Files by Hits
        • All Files by Bytes
    • Directory Drilldown
        • Directory by Pages Drilldown
        • Directory by Files Drilldown
        • Directory by Bytes Drilldown
    • File Types
        • File Types by Hits
        • File Types by Bytes

    • Entrance Pages
    • Exit Pages
    • Click Paths
    • Click To and From
    • Length of Pageview
    • Depth of Session
    • Length of Session
    • Referrals
    • Referral Drilldown
    • Search Terms
    • Search Engines
    • Referral Errors

Domains & Users
    • Domains
    • Domain Drilldown
    • Countries
    • IP Addresses
    • IP Drilldown
    • Usernames
        • Usernames by Hits
        • Usernames by Bytes
        • Usernames by Sessions

Browsers & Robots
    • Browsers
        • Browsers by Sessions Drilldown
        • Browsers by Hits Drilldown
        • Browsers by Bytes Drilldown
    • Platforms
        • Platforms by Sessions Drilldown
        • Platforms by Hits Drilldown
        • Platforms by Bytes Drilldown
    • Combos
        • Combos by Sessions
        • Combos by Hits
        • Combos by Bytes
    • Robots
        • Robots by Hits Drilldown
        • Robots by Bytes Drilldown

Client Parameters
    • Screen Resolution
    • Screen Colors
    • Languages
    • Java Enabled
    • Timezone offset
    • Javascript Version